As a family of hardwood flooring installers, we often spend 8-12 hours a day kneeling. While we love our work, we found that our knees were beginning to suffer from the constant wear and tear of the job. Lacking proper knee protection was a major obstacle to performing our best work for the client, and we needed to find a solution.


Like countless others in this position, we tried strap-on knee pads. While these were effective at first, we found they presented many discomforts of their own, such as pinching, shifting and rotating off the knees altogether. Many had cumbersome straps or buckles that would dig into the leg, creating new problems of their own.


That’s when we had the idea to sew the knee pads into our pants. Our design was so comfortable, functional and successful, we decided to offer our product to workers everywhere in order to improve their experience.

Designed For All Industries

Today, Burson Work Pants with built-in knee pads support laborers from all industries — flooring installers, plumbers, construction workers, masons, handymen — to enjoy a longer, more productive workday while also looking good. With their ultra comfortable fit, lightweight canvas casing designed to avoid heat rashes, and affordable price, Burson Work Pants deliver a quality product you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.


These Work Pants saved our family from debilitating injuries that can seriously jeopardize a business’s ability to remain competitive, and that’s why we are so excited to make them available to you on our website today.

Eliminating Knee Pain & Injury

Knee pain and injury is a serious problem in professions that require constant squatting and kneeling. Over time all parts of the knee, including the tendons, joints, and soft tissue, can be affected. Knee injuries are slow to heal, and can lead to less productivity, as well as lower job satisfaction.


According to Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA) knee pain and injury is one of the most common complaints of many types of laborers. in fact, a recent study conducted by the LHFSNA found that 40% of construction workers reported that working while hurt was a serious problem. Wearing Burson work pants is a simple and effective way for workers to prevent these problems from occurring:






Burson Work Pants = Quality & Comfort

Many professions, such as flooring installation, painting, and plumbing, call for a person to spend a large part of the work day on his knees, which can lead to joint and muscle problems. Strap-on knee pads are available, but they tend to be bulky and uncomfortable. Burson work pants feature built-in knee pads, offering a perfect solution for people whose jobs require constant kneeling. Burson work pants are durable and stylish, and the knee pads are hardly noticeable while the pants are being worn. Wearing these pants can greatly improve working conditions, making uncomfortable kneeling a thing of the past.


Burson work pants are a great part of any uniform. The style and cut of the pants make them very comfortable to wear, while also presenting a professional appearance. Burson work pants truly combine comfort and protection in order to improve the working conditions for a variety of laborers.

Advantages of burson workwear

Burson work pants offer a number of advantages over traditional strap-on knee pads or other brands of work pants. Workers who wear Burson work pants will notice the following:



  • Light weight built-in knee pads that do not inhibit movement, or interfere with job responsibilities.
  • Increased comfort as the knee pad gently surrounds the knee, and protects the knee from hard work surfaces.
  • Burson work pants, with built-in knee pads, are highly durable, and will stand-up to the harshest working conditions.
  • The integrated knee pads can easily be removed, making laundering quick and easy.

Top Reasons to Get Burson Work Pants


Burson work pants are ideal for every day wear. The style, cut and integrated knee pads provide comfort for hardworking laborers.


Worker safety and preventing injuries is essential for optimal productivity. Burson work pants are designed to prevent some of the most common work-related injuries.


Employees represent the companies that they work for, and Burson work pants will give them a professional appearance, while promoting the corporate brand.

What People are Saying

If you work on your knees throughout the day then Burson Work Pants are right for you. No matter the industry or do-it-yourself project, whether in the house or outdoors, you’ll be able to work in comfort and eliminate knee pain. Try a pair today!


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